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A r e a   5 1   L i m e h o u s e | Happy Hour 5 PM to 7 PM

 W hite Wine

White Wine 175ml 250ml Bottle
Sauvignon Blanc £4.45 £5.95 £14.45
Pinot Grigio £4.95 £6045 £15.95


Benjamin Nieto Senetiner - Argentina £19.95
Benjamin Chardonnay is a crystalline wine with a youthful and
greenish-yellow appearance, with exquisite aromas of green apple
and pineapple. Refreshing and balanced acidity

The Great Wave Sauvignon Blanc - Chile £20.95
A fresh and vibrant sauvignon blanc with zesty notes of lime
and tropical fruits

Touraine les Eglantines Sauvignon - France £22.95
A vibrant pale yellow with expressive floral scents accompanied
with intense exotic fruit and underlying citrus aromas. The palate
is crisp and clean.

Albert Bichot Macon-Villages Chardonnay £32.95
The nose is beautiful with floral notes (acacia and honeysuckle) against a
slightly mineral background. The palate is lively, fruity and floral with a
refreshing finish.


 R ed wine

Red Wine 175ml 250ml Bottle
Cabernet Sauvignon £4.45 £5.95 £14.45
Merlot £4.95 £6045 £15.95


Ugalde Rioja - Spain £20.95
Plum, brilliant and intense colour. Elegant on the nose, with notes of
liquorice. Dark fruit on the palate with the presence of slight tannins.

Benjamin Nieto Malbec - Argentine 19.95
Purple-red in colour, bright and intense. Fresh fruity aromas of
plum and cherry. Balanced in the mouth, with a pleasant finish.

Nero Diablo Shiraz - Italy £21.95
An intriguing blend of Nero d'Avola and Shiraz. Hints
of plum and spice from this deep ruby-coloured wine.

Cotes du Rhône Villages - France £23.95
Brambly fruit underpinned by subtle oaky nuances,
sweet spice; warm star anise with a touch of cinnamon.

Albert Bichot Pinot Noir - France £36.95
Flattering nose with an appealing palette of fruity aromas (blackcurrant,
redcurrant, plum). Balanced on the palate with oaked notes and a pleasing

Port 75ml - £6.45


 R ose Wine

Rose Wine 175ml 250ml Bottle
House Rose £4.45 £5.95 £14.45

Principato Pinot Grigio Blush

Appealing, lightly aromatic nose with red berry and cherry notes. The palate has strawberry and white peach fruit characters leading to a fresh and juicy finish.

£4.95 £6045 £15.95


Henri Gaillard Cotes du Provence Rose £24.95
Crisp and elegant dry rose displaying delicious strawberry
and raspberry notes with a touch of exotic fruit aromas.
Bright and well-balanced.

A discretionary 10% service charge will be added to the bill. All prices include VAT at the current rate


Sparkling Wine

Prosecco Lamberti  175ml  £6.95
Prosecco Lamberti  Bottle  £22.95
Prosecco Rose Lamberti  175ml  £6.95
Prosecco Rose Lamberti  175ml  £6.95
Prosecco Rose Lamberti Bottle  £22.95
Mini Prosecco  Bottle  £7.95



Lanson  £49.95
Lanson Rose  £57.95
Moet & Chandon  £49.95

A discretionary 10% service charge will be added to the bill. All prices include VAT at the current rate

Draught Beers

Coors Light  4%  £5.00
Guinness  4.1%  £5.00
Madri  4.6%  £5.00
Cobra  4.3%  £5.50
Atlantic IPA  4.5%  £6.00


Bottle Beers/Cider

Corona  330ml  £3.95
Sol  330ml  £3.95
San Miguel  330ml  £3.95
Peroni  330ml  £3.95
Aspall Cider    £4.95
Fruit Cider    £4.95



Whiskey 50ml
Scotch Whiskey
Johnny Walker Red Label 6.45
Johnny Walker Black label 7.95
Johnny Walker Blue label 19.95
Bells 6.45
Glenfiddich 7.95
Glenmorangie 9.95
Haig Club 11.95
Chivas Regal 7.95
American Whiskey
Jack Daniels old No7 6.95
Jack Daniel No6 8.45
Jack Daniels Apple 6.95
Jim Beam 6.95
Bullet Bourbon 7.95
Makers Mark 7.95
World Whiskey
Jameson 7.95
Nikka from the Barrel 13.45

All our spirits are served in 50ml measure. 25ml measures are available upon request.
A discretionary 10% service charge will be added to the bill. All prices include VAT at the current rate

Cocktails - £9.95

Espresso Martini

Grey Goose Vodka, coffee liqueur, Espresso



Bourbon Whiskey, Angostura Bitters, an orange twist



Campari, Gin, Vermouth, an orange twist


Bloody Mary

Vodka, Tomato Juice, Worcestershire sauce, hot sauce, salt, pepper


Pornstar Martini

Vodka, Passoa, lime juice, sugar syrup, served with a shot of prosecco and fresh Passion fruit

Aperol Spritz

Aperol, Prosecco, Soda water and a slice of orange


Pimm’s & Lemonade
with fresh fruit and mint

Berry Mojito

Bacardi, Carta Blanca Rum, Crème de cassis, mint & lime juice


Amaretto Sour
Amaretto Liqueur, lemon juice, lime juice



House Tequila  25ml  £3.50
Patron Cafe  25ml  £4.00
Patron Silver  25ml  £5.00
Patron Reposado  25ml  £6.00
Tequila Rose  25ml  £3.50


Brandy 50ml

Martell 6.45
Courvoisier 7.95
Hennessy 7.95
Three Barrels 4.95

Rum 50ml

Bacardi Original/Spice/Coconut 6.45
Captain Morgan Spice 6.45
Malibu 6.45
Havana Club 7 year 7.95
Bacardi Reserva 9.95

Gin 50ml

Gordon’s 6.45
Tanqueray 6.95
Bombay Sapphire 7.95
Hendricks 9.95
Pink Gin 6.95
Limehouse Gin Apple 6.45
Brockmans Gin 8.95

Vodka 50ml
Absolut 6.95
Absolut Flavoured 6.95
Smirnoff 6.45
Grey Goose 9.95
Belvedere 9.95

Aperitifs & Liqueurs 50ml

Aperol  £6.95
Baileys  £6.45
Campari  £6.45
Cointreau  £6.45
Drambuie  £6.45
Disaronno  £6.45
Martini Dry  £5.00
Martini Rosso  £5.00
Martini Bianco  £5.00
Southern Comfort  £6.45
Tia Maria  £6.45
Sambuca 25ml  £3.50
Jägermeister 25ml  £3.50
Limoncello 25ml  £3.50


Soft Drinks

Coke/Coke Zero/Sprite/Fanta  £2.45
Iced Tea Mango/Peach  £1.95
Red Bull  £2.45
Appletiser  £2.45
Freshly squeezed orange juice  £3.95
Cranberry/Apple/Mango £1.95
Smoothies  £3.95
Still Mineral Water Regular  £1.95
Still Mineral Water Large £2.95
Sparkling Mineral Water regular  £1.95
Sparkling Mineral Water Large  £2.95




Tonic Water  £1.50
Slimline Tonic  £1.50
Soda Water  £1.50
Ginger Ale £1.50
Tomato Juice £1.50
Pink Soda £1.50
Lemonade  £1.50
Coke  £1.50
Coke Zero  £1.50


Hot Drinks

Espresso  £1.95
Americano £1.95
Americano white  £2.45
Flat White  £2.65
Cappuccino  £2.75
Cafe Latte  £2.95
Mocha  £2.95
Macchiato £2.25
Hot Chocolate  £2.95
Baby Chino £1.50
English Tea £1.50
Speciality Tea £1.95
Syrup Shot  £0.30


We offer soya milk as an alternative


Nuts - £1.30
Dry Roasted
Mixed Chilli Nuts
Black Pepper Cashew
Spicy BBQ Peanuts & Corn

Crisps - £1.20
Sea Salt & Chardonnay Vinegar

Sea Salt
Cheddar & Onion
Chilli & Lime

If you have an allergy or intolerance, please notify our staff.

A discretionary 10% service charge will be added to the bill. All prices include VAT at the current rate


What bar would be complete without a pool table? After you grab a drink, feel free to ask any of our staff to borrow a pool cue for a game or two!

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